Glossary of Terms

Bullseye glass
Glass colour manufacturer based in Portland, Oregon.
Glass which has been drawn out into a rod, or a composite rod consisting of groups of rods of different colours, which are bundled together and fused to form a polychrome design that is visible when seen in cross section.
Cast glass
Glass produced by 'casting', in other words by pouring molten glass into a mould or by heating glass already contained in the mould until the glass melts and assumes the shape of the mould.
Dichroic glass
A type of manufactured glass which exhibits two colours of light one which is reflected and the other transmitted.
Inflating molten glass from within by gathering on the end of a metal pipe, then blowing through the pipe.
Technique of melting and joining two or more differently coloured pieces of hemispherical blown glass along their rims of equal diameter.
Small cross-sections of cane in an infinite variety of patterns.
Ice Comet 2008

Ice Comet 2008
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Blown glass